Saturday, October 10, 2009

Panade with Fall Veggies

Panade: a big poufy bread-thing. A savory bread pudding. A method for using up leftovers. The basic recipe calls for

1) bread so stale it's gone hard- I used about 1/3 loaf of homemade
2) broth

That's basically it. You soak the bread cubes in the broth and then bake it until it has developed a crust. It's better than you would think, especially if you add in a bunch of other things most people have kicking around their kitchens. Here's what I had today-

a tomato
leftover brussels sprouts
a dying bunch of basil
2 onions
a quarter of a red pepper
the heel of a bit of gouda and some bits of some italian other thing, very similar
a rather dessicated clove of garlic
2 eggs
olive oil
pepper & salt

Take a heavy, stove-to-oven safe pot and put some olive oil & a dash of salt in it. Slice the onions thin and caramelize over medium. When the onions are just starting to develop color, add the diced bell pepper and crush in the garlic. Once the onions are very soft and golden, remove from heat and toss in the cubed bread, chopped tomato, brussels sprouts and basil (or whatever you have) and stir to combine evenly. Then add the cheese gratings, if you're using any. I put the cheese in separately at the end to avoid having the cheese melt instantly and cause uneven clumps while I was trying to stir it up. Then whip 2 eggs and about 1 2/3 cups of broth in a bowl, and pour the mix over the bread and veggies. Put the pot back over medium heat to start the cooking process. Don't stir any more, or it will mush up. Just poke the bread bits down as they soak up the broth. When you are starting to see steam rise off it, put it in the oven at 375 for about an hour. Cover it if you don't want a lot of browning, leave the cover off if you do.

This picture has nothing to do with the above recipe. I just think romesco cauliflower is totally neato looking. Thank you, Mr. Fibonacci.

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