Thursday, November 25, 2010

Food is Love

And I am very thankful for both this year. I just have some quick, unedited pics of Chinese Turkey Day. Pete and Cynthia hosted, he cooked, I played a supporting prep-and-consult role. The menu was:

1. Potstickers
2. Salad- I think dad called this 'four happiness', it only has 4 things in it. I forgot to get pictures of these things.

3. Lion's head soup, which is just very big meatballs

4. Fried rice- Josh's contribution, and mighty tasty. Missed the photo op.

5. Steamed turkey & chestnuts

6. Sweet and sour turkey- Edwin's hands-down favorite; he was jumping up and down. That's a compliment for you.

7. Authentic chow mein. I'll post a link to the noodle videos, whenever Pete gets them up.

8. Lots Of Desserts! Which I wish I'd taken pictures of, especially the almond curd which is traditional. Next time.

I am going to bed early so I can fetch my mommy from the airport tomorrow. Why is mom flying during the holiday? Because my niece Beatrice is here. Bea is one week old, and looks like an ice cream cone. This is the sound of me dissolving into goosh. *blub blub blub blub*

Happy holidays and good wishes to you all!

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