Sunday, July 10, 2011

Finally finished projects

 I've been toting around this fabric for years and years. Several months ago, I picked up some patterns at the goodwill bins, and this one looked like it would be nice in this material:

So I made a shirt. It turned out pretty well, and I really liked how easily the material sewed  up.


Then, when mom sent out a bunch of her vintage patterns, one of them inspired me to use this material again, to make the dress in the picture above.

Here's the picture of the pattern. I didn't think much of the sleeves given with the pattern, so I chose some different ones, which is fine since the v-neck was what sold me on the idea in the first place.

It took me months to finish it. Partly that was because I ran out of zippers. Then I spent some time dithering about whether I wanted to use orange fabric to make a belt, or piping, or the ridiculous bow on the front. I still might make a belt, but maybe not.

What really hung me up was the fact that halfway through the process, I spent a huge chunk of time sewing buttons, snaps, zippers, bows, hooks and eyes back on a bale of things that mom sent me so that I could decide whether to use them myself (a few), give them to my nieces (rather more), or figure out if any vintage stores will take them (a couple bits). It all added up to a heap of not very interesting looking or sounding things, at the end of which, I found myself wondering what the heck I had been doing with myself for so long that would make me feel as though I'd been fully occupied and yet produce so little apparent result. In fact, there was plenty of result, but it's all invisible, except my shirt and my dress.

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