Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Feed a cold


Feed a cold, they say. Feed it what, they do not. I assumed that they probably didn't mean my regular 2 toast 2 fried egg breakfast, but a breakfast without toast and eggs would make me feel despondent. This is like salad lyonaise, but with way less fuss.

a couple pieces of bacon
some leftover yam fries
a fried egg

And a little toast of course, gotta have toast. Details:

Yam fries are easy. Peel a yam and cut it into sticks, toss with salt, pepper, and olive oil, then bake at 425 for half an hour. Turn the fries over, and bake another 20-30 minutes depending on how dark you like them. They keep really well in the fridge for using in salads and for snacks. Heat them up in the frying pan for this salad.

The vinaigrette I used is equal parts really cheap, rather sweet balsamic, and a pretty nice, highly acidic sherry vinegar, plus some decentish olive oil. Add a pinch each of salt & pepper, a good chunk of lemon rind, and bit of chopped fresh oregano, then shake everything up. It's better after about two or three days in the fridge.

Then you wake up with a cold, throw the bacon, fries and egg in a skillet, stack them up on a heap of arugula when they're as cooked as you want them, spoon on the vinaigrette and smash it all together.

You know, I looked at the original recipe and all I could think was Wow. Who the hell wants to do all that first thing in the morning? Not me, for sure.

I'll tell you about the baguettes next time.

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