Saturday, August 8, 2015

A Doubtful Guest

So this thing showed up on my porch chair. I invited it in.

It seemed harmless enough...

But then,
it just made itself right at home.

Really at home. It has no manners at all.


 Its a nosy parker,

fancies itself a literary critic,

and is a total couch hog.

David gave it a comeuppance.


 But they have since made up their differences.

Which is good, because it looks as if it means to stay for quite a while.


  1. Do you have a pattern for this? I would buy it! (found this googling "doubtful guest stuffed"!)

  2. Please please PLEASE tell me--did you make your little doubtful guest, or did you find him somewhere? Literally the only thing I want to live for is to find one just like him. Brilliant. Please let me know at

    1. I did make him, and I'm afraid i don't have any directions, although I did improvise off the BBC'c vintage Clanger pattern. I added short rows on the back of the head like a sock heel, and knitted the body as though it was just a tiny neck-down sweater. the legs are pretty much the Clanger pattern unaltered, but I don't recall how I did the feet, unfortunately.

  3. Hello,
    I see you've created an amazing doubtful guest. :-)
    Did you create the knitting pattern for him?
    Would you be willing to share the directions to make him?


    1. My goodness!I didn't realize that the little guy would generate such interest.People like him over at ravelry too, which probably says something about the overlapping interests of people who knit!

      Alas, there is no pattern for him as such. I modified the body pattern for the BBC's Clanger, and where his sweater is I just knitted his body like a tiny little neck-down raglan sweater. I have no idea how I did his feet, but they were a terrible nuisance.