Monday, April 5, 2010

Whatcha been up to?

cowboy shirt, originally uploaded by Chinkypin.

I get asked that sometimes. Mostly I say " Oh, you know. This and that." Here's some of the this n that. I made this shirt for a fella. I showed him the plaid and he looked hesitant, then cautiously enthusiastic. I showed him the cowboy shirt pattern and he perked up and said "Awright!" He approved the pearl buttons. I told him that the cuffs would have to be green on the inside because I ran out of cloth and he was taken aback. But he said "Baby, make it however you want." And when I was done with it, he put it on and said "Man! This is a sweet-ass shirt! This is gonna be my new shirt for wearing out!"

So, you see why I like it so much.

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