Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sock Spike

Spike, originally uploaded by Chinkypin.
Now that Susan has actually received this little guy, I can put up some pictures. I'm pretty happy about how he turned out, overall. I'm really not up on my Buffy, and I think the last time I regularly tried to watch the show was before this character was introduced. But now I feel a little peculiar about it, since the request for this went something like "can you make a blah-blah?" and I said "uh, is there pictures? I likes pictures..."

He is made out of a pair of beige socks, sock-monkey style. I got through about half his head of hair by sewing down bits of yarn until I realized that I could just knot it into his scalp like a hooked rug. He's a tad poofy-haired, all the photos I've seen have him kinda slicked up, but oh well. I didn't want his scalp showing. Patchy headed vampires are so not sexy.

The clothing was all made from a slightly altered commercial pattern. The envelope is for some girly thing including bathrobe, pj's, slippers and a party dress. The bathrobe made a great trench coat by cutting a notch in the collar, and by adding a false fly and pockets, the jammies became jeans and a t-shirt. The slipper pattern became boots with the addition of a couple extra bits of pleather.

There are a whole bunch of pictures on my photostream, including a couple of him in semi-completed state.

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