Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I haven't stopped eating, either

I just haven't been cooking, properly speaking. Nothing I have pictures of, at least.

I did make an interesting version of vegan mac & cheese, using cashews. It was pretty strange, but not untasty. If I manage to make it look good as well as taste good, I'll show you. Whyinthehell would I want vegan mac and cheese? Well, I just wanted to see if it was possible. I read the recipe online, and thought Wow, bizarro. I gotta try that.

I made a potato salad, and I'm not sure where I was going with that, because I used sherry vinegar and worcestershire sauce in it, which gives it a nice bbq-esque flavor profile, but it looks downright peculiar.

I made a chicken parmesan thing, which was fine, but nothing to get all whooped up about.

Finally, Jej and I went to Fubonn. I was out of vegetarian mushroom fluff, and I wanted a pig's foot. Things started off poorly. I realized that I'd mislaid my wallet. I spent a disproportionate amount of time looking for it, considering that my whole house is only 2.5 rooms, until my brain was practically chafing in my cranium, and I gave up in disgust and went shopping on my sister's dime. I got my fluff and my foot, she found the mysterious location of the tiny dried shrimp (reefer case), and we both got sundry other loot including the things in the picture, and some hot buns from their cafeteria counter. (My advice about the Fubonn buns is to get the 'jumbo pork' variety rather than the char siu flavor. Nothing wrong with their char siu, it's just a little boring compared to the other kind, which has a piece of sausage, and a piece of salted egg, in addition to the filling, which seems to be made of ground pork, mushrooms, and water chestnuts.)

I was still pretty grumpy about my wallet problem, but a snack will always make me feel more hopeful and proactive, so when I got home I turned over my house one more time and found the dag boned thing in the laundry. That part has me stumped, honestly. I swear I can remember nothing that would have caused it to be there.

But! It meant that I felt quite celebratory, so I opened up a package of these guys. I am a sucker for anything that comes in its own serving dish. Trader Joe's used to sell some things that came in a terracotta ramekin. They're discontinued, whatever they were, but the ramekins were great. Anyway, Jej and the dinky little blue dishes sold me on these desserts. They're thai, so the label is in french. They say they are Cock brand (snicker snicker) "Frozen Thai Cake" or "Gateau a la Noix de Coco".  They do not come with instructions. Jej said "you put them in the steamer" which I did, although I don't know if they are supposed to be as gelatinous as they were when I took them out. They are tremendously sweet, and coconutty, and that's pretty much it. But you do get the cool little stoneware dishes with them. I think their lilliputian dimensions are a great part of their appeal.

I started boiling the pig foot as soon as I got home, and I swiped a chicken carcass out of Pete & Cynthia's freezer, which means I'm pretty well committed to making this crazy recipe which calls for jellied soup stock. That I will get pictures of, I promise.

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