Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I've been knitting

Since December, or maybe even November, actually. It is a soothing occupation in crappy weather. Knitting takes a lot of time. Lots more time that I realized. My nieces in Michigan did not receive their mittens until last week, I'm sorry to say. Thanks for the photo, H. I packed them up the minute I had finished them up, and realized that I hadn't taken any pictures after the UPS man had already whisked them out of my orbit.

I am still lurking around, though. I can't keep knitting forever- the weather is going to get too warm for it for one thing, and in any case I will run out of both patience and elbow tendons. Knitting in small gauges makes neato lookin things, but is tough in the fine motor department. I made some mittens for me, and now I think I'm probably done for a while.

My mittens don't match. That's what happens when you make something to use up the odds and ends from other stuff.

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