Saturday, August 8, 2009

Greengage Pie

Greengage Pie, originally uploaded by Chinkypin.

This pie looked great, but was a terrible disappointment to me. It was amazingly sour, and the filling never set properly. Luckily, my siblings live close by, and I fobbed it off on them.

Why does the way of pie elude me? Pastry crust I understand, I love it, usually it returns my love. But the stuff that goes in it? Maybe I should just stick to savory fillings. Quiche is easy. Fruit pie, on the other hand, seems to be where I am doomed to failure- last year I made a tart with red plums, which looked terrible but at least tasted pretty good, I had that semi-unfortunate experience with the pastry cream, and now this.

It was probably the greengages. They had very sour skins, and there just wasn't any way to add enough sugar without the filling turning into candy.

But I will persevere! Hey, Harriet, what's your secret? You make excellent pie, as I recall...

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