Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Late Summer

Well. This has been a year. I feel like I need to pause and catch my breath. I think my plants do too. Here's my nasturtiums, giving one last shot at blooming. I took the picture through the screen door, I like the texture it gave the image.
These are some of my last strawberries, the plant is looking a bit tired. I will never be a farmer, it's too much work. I couldn't even remember to fertilize things regularly. My tomato plant is still going, as are the putative ground cherries.
This is my late harvest. The little tomatoes are delicious, next year I'm not going to waste space growing these silly tomatillo things. You know why? Cause they taste nasty. I'm going to take a stab at making some green salsa with them, but I have rather dim hopes. I am pretty sure those are the last cukes, and the only eggplant I'm gonna get too. Damn that heat wave, it fried all the blooms off my plants at the height of the blooming season. Well, live and learn. There's still time this year to get in another crop of radishes, if I feel ambitious.

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