Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hey, lookit these beets!!

Aren't they cool? Last year I had a salad that had baby yellow beets and lavender in it, and it made such a powerful impression on me that I vowed to make it myself. Of course, I am totally unable to stick to a plan, so what I came up with was this:

Yellow Beets with Purple Basil & Sage Blossoms

Pretty much what the title says. You need the beets, (I steamed mine), you need the purple basil, and sage flowers, and the salad greens. I put a vinaigrette on it. A salad is a salad, pretty much, but I did do a little thinking about this one.

One, I could have roasted the beets, but the resulting caramelization while it would be tasty, would probably affect the color, and I wanted the salad to look neato as well as be yummy.

Two, I chose purple basil, because what else am I gonna use it for? There is no earthly reason to grow it except that it looks so pretty. It tastes fine, but the leaves are tougher and slightly more bitter than the green kind. I thought the purple and yellow combination was pretty smashing next to the lettuce greens.

Three, sage blooms taste an awful lot like lavender. And they have a drop of nectar at the base which makes them sugary. It helps that my plant has these pinky-purpley flowers on it. Damn I love summer here. know, when I was working at the unnamed deli, we got a heap pf purple basil in for something, and I had this one kid convinced that the color was because they grew it in ink, like that science experiment where you dye a celery stick, right...

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