Friday, June 19, 2009

Pancakes for dinner? Seriously?

I had been thinking about pesto on pancakes ever since I moved out of Pete and Cynthia's house. Lazy me misses Pete's cooking. Anyway, I really need his pancake recipe, because while trader joe's pancake mix is fine, it isn't what I originally wanted. The thing is, P & C actually keep milk in their fridge and I believe he puts some in his pancakes. Since I don't drink real milk, it's something I never think to buy, and if I did, chances are it would spoil before I used it. Unless I'm making yogurt, and then there wouldn't be any left over for other stuff.

At any rate, here's the picture, it turned out really pretty.

So: pancakes with 2 kinds of pesto, tomatoes, ham, and fresh mozzarella.

I had to cut back my basil plants before they bloomed and went to seed. I made regular and lemon-basil & walnut pestos. The lemon-basil version is fine, but once the leaves are all chopped up, the lemon scent is rather muted. Also, I think I should have stuck with my original inspiration, which was breakfast, and had poached eggs with it.

But it was a really quick dinner, (except the part where I spent 20 minutes taking pictures of it) and I bet a glass of 2 buck chuck wouldn't have hurt either.

Also, I really want one of those little kitchen blowtorches. I wanted the cheese to get brown crunchy spots, but the pancakes started to get too crispy.

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